Frisco is centrally located in the heart of Summit County. Its rich history includes the indigenous Ute Indians, who first lived in the area. The much-sought-after commodity of beaver fur brought trappers, or mountain men, to the area by the early 1800s. By the mid-to-late 1880s, the area was home to many mines. The town was founded in 1873 to accommodate the increasing need to service the growing population of miners. As with many mining towns, Frisco almost disappeared when fur supplies dwindled and mining strikes lessened. By the mid-20th century, the population had decreased to only 18 people.

The development of the local ski areas revitalized this sleepy little town and it now has a permanent population of close to 3,000 people. Summit County attracts close to 3 million visitors a year and Frisco is located in the center of this bustling County. Frisco shares the shore of Lake Dillon with Dillon and Breckenridge, and has a newly enhanced marina on the lake. A favorite summer activity is to rent a kayak or canoe and paddle in the brackish waters close to shoreline for a glimpse of the extensive local animal and bird population. Frisco is also home to the Frisco Historic Park. Visitors have the opportunity to experience life in Frisco in the 1880s. The Park contains eight historic buildings including Frisco’s original 1881 Jail, Log Chapel, a recreated Trapper’s Cabin, Schoolhouse Museum, and four homes circa 1880s. The rich history of this town and the natural beauty of the mountains enhance the desirability of the area.